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The MODULARTinternet application is a computer program that is an auxiliary tool that allows you to virtually make a selection and create your own "patchwork" compositions using photographic miniatures of paintings by artist Janusz Boruta. The application contains several hundred cataloged and available online reproductions of images that can be freely selected and put into larger compositions according to the invention and sensitivity of the audience. Miniatures are the virtual equivalent of actually painted images in the format 36x36 cm, so-called modules that, thanks to the innovative magnetic connection system, can also be freely and conveniently rotated and combined with each other during assembly, as well as freely changed whenever you feel like it.

Application instructions

The MODULARTapplication is not downloaded and does not install, it is available without logging in and registering at

  1. You can start applicationby pressing the "start now" button - below
  2. Creating a composition consists in selecting miniatures from the catalog on the right side of the screen and moving them to the desktop (with the left mouse button pressed)
  3. Aplikacja pozwala na dowolne rozmieszczenie poszczególnych miniatur, przesuwanie ich (zamiana miejscami) oraz na swobodne obracanie o 90° (kliknięcie w miniaturę prawym przyciskiem myszki lub naciśnięcie klawisza „r” ) do uzyskania satysfakcjonującego układu kompozycyjnego
  4. Jeśli uznamy, że wybrana miniatura nie pasuje do układu, możemy wymienić ją poprzez wstawienie na jej miejsce nowej, wybranej z katalogu lub usunąć przeciągając do kosza
  5. An auxiliary functionality of the application is the selection of the color of the working desktop, to visualize the color interaction of images with a specific background
  6. The designed compositional system can be saved in PDF format, where you will also learn the code names of selected miniatures (necessary to buy images)

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